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IATSE Local 631

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IATSE Local 631 was chartered in December of 1924 as a mixed local.

Local 631 stagehands work in a wide range of environments including theatres, television, outdoor concerts, arena events, corporate trade shows, and craft shops that build stage productions. The members of Local 631 are the backstage force in theatre, television, performing arts, and outdoor and arena events in the Central Florida area.

Local 631 also known as Orlando Stagehands are the skilled technicians that make your live theatre experience of the highest quality, while providing the safest possible environment for the talent and performers on the stage as well as the audience.

Today's productions require the women and men of Orlando Stagehands to possess a diverse and highly sophisticated set of skills to meet the needs of an entertainment industry that utilizes materials and technology equal only to those used in Boeing’s latest carbon fiber, fly-by-wire jet aircraft.

Safety is our paramount concern! As an audience member, you enjoy the performance and its special effects. However, the theatre is a dangerous place and Local 631 stagehands have the training and continuing education to ensure the safety of performers, backstage personnel, and of course, you the patron.

In addition to the breadth and depth of their skills, Orlando Stagehands excel in working in an environment of permanent impermanence and rigid timelines. That is, much of our work involves one-day live events (live=no do-overs) in which the event is built, the performance begins on time and proceeds without flaws, and then is dismantled and loaded into trucks—the entire process taking about twenty hours. Or more simply put, “the show must go on.” We make sure it does.

*ETCP is the Entertainment Technician Certification Program. This is the body that tests and assesses individuals on industry-specific health and safety disciplines. For more information click here.

IATSE Local 631 is affiliated with the Central FL AFL-CIO, FL AFL-CIO, and IATSE District 14

Official I.A.T.S.E. Equality Statement Equal rights are the cornerstone of the labor movement. Unions were founded on the principle that all people are equal and all people are deserving of respect and fair treatment. Equality issues run through all areas of trade union activities - from health and safety to wage negotiations. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is committed to equality of opportunity and to eliminating all forms of discrimination. We are opposed to unlawful and unfair discrimination and oppression on the grounds of sex, gender identity or expression, relationship or marital status, race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, language, background, political or religious beliefs, physical appearance, pregnancy, or responsibility for dependents. We believe that equality for all is a basic human right and we actively oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. IATSE leaders and members must be vigilant in working, both with each other and with our employers, to promote an equal and welcoming environment for all people, through our actions, attitudes, and language. The IATSE celebrates the diversity of society and is striving to promote and reflect that diversity within this organization. As updated at the Mid-Summer 2018 General Executive Board Meeting, New York City

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IATSE Local 631
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